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Jonny Greenwood - There Will Be Blood: Soundtrack Vinyl LP

Jonny Greenwood There Will Be Blood: Soundtrack Vinyl LP


Guitarist/composer Jonny Greenwood's (Radiohead) Grammy and BAFTA Award – nominated score to writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson's Academy Award-winning film There Will Be Blood, first released on Nonesuch Records in 2007, will be released on vinyl worldwide for the first time in January 2019.


The LP was mastered for vinyl by Graeme Stewart and Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios and pressed on vinyl at Record Industry in the Netherlands with two additional tracks – "Proven Lands (Intro)" and "De-Tuned Quartet" – and comes in an old-style gatefold jacket.


The music is performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra led by Robert Ziegler, the Emperor Quartet, Caroline Dale (cello), and Michael Dussek (piano). "I saw some fairly long sections of the film, read the script, and just wrote loads of music," Greenwood said of his process for composing the score.


"I tried to write to the scenery, and the story rather than specific 'themes' for characters. It's not really the kind of narrative that would suit that. It was all about the underlying menace in the film, the greed, and that against the fucked-up, oppressive religious mood – and this kid in the middle of it all."


"One of the most memorable scores this side of the year 2000," exclaimed IndieWire when placing There Will Be Blood at No. 2 its list of the 25 Best Movie Scores of the 21st Century. In this adaptation of the Upton Sinclair novel Oil!, starring Daniel Day-Lewis in an Oscar-winning performance, "Greenwood's work, which is string-heavy and beautifully unsettling, is as memorable as Day-Lewis' performance...Close your eyes and you can almost feel the oil pulsing beneath the ground."


"Jonny Greenwood's musical compositions almost become another character in the film," says Variety. "Think Bernard Herrmann and Taxi Driver, another portrait of a twisted soul, with sound effects and music to match."


Jonny Greenwood There Will Be Blood: Soundtrack Track Listing:


1. Open Spaces
2. Future Markets
3. Prospectors Arrive
4. Eat Him By His Own Light
5. Henry Plainview
6. There Will Be Blood
7. Oil
8. Proven Lands (Intro)
9. Proven Lands
10. HW / Hope Of New Fields
11. Stranded The Line
12. Prospectors Quartet
13. De-Tuned Quartet

Jonny Greenwood - There Will Be Blood: Soundtrack Vinyl LP

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