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Kanto Living - Tilted Desktop Speaker Stands (Pair)

Kanto Living Tilted Desktop Speaker Stands (Pair)


Improve your desktop listening experience with this pair of Tilted Desktop Speaker Stands from Kanto Living. Designed for 4 to 7" speakers, such as the Kanto Living YU6 and TUK, these stands tilt the front of your speakers upward by 16°.


The angle of tilt is engineered to better deliver audio to your ears, allowing you to experience a fuller range of frequencies. Foam padding on the top and bottom of the stand work to reduce vibration as you turn up the volume. For compatible speakers, you can ensure that they stay in place on the stand with the included screws and integrated 1/4"-20 mounting holes.




For 4 to 7" Desktop Speakers
Tilts Speakers 16° for Better Sound
Foam Padding Reduces Vibration
1/4"-20 Mounting Holes
1/4"-20 Screws Included
Dimension Overall Footprint (D x W): 9.7 x 7.0 
Titled Platform (W x H x D) 4.8 x 2.4" x 7.1" 
Titled Platform Back: (W): 2.2" 

Kanto Living - Tilted Desktop Speaker Stands (Pair)

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