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Keb' Mo' - Good to Be... Colored Vinyl 2LP

Keb' Mo' Good to Be... Colored Vinyl 2LP


Written partially in Nashville and partially in the Compton house 5x Grammy-winner Keb' Mo' grew up in, Good To Be... weaves together past and present into a heartwarming tapestry spanning more than 40 years of sonic evolution.


Joined by a variety of collaborators, including Vince Gill, famed producer Tom Hambridge, Darius Rucker, and Kristin Chenoweth, Good To Be... is a deeply cohesive and optimistic collection of music about appreciating what you've got, where you come from, and who you get to share it with. It's a celebration of roots and resilience, drawing on country, soul, and blues to forge a sound that transcends genre and geography.


Gatefold vinyl 2LP-set with D-side etching.


Keb' Mo' Good to Be... Track Listing:


1. Good To Be (Home Again)
2. So Easy
3. Sunny And Warm
4. Good Strong Woman
5. The Medicine Man
6. Marvelous To Me
7. Lean On Me
8. Like Love
9. All Dressed Up
10. '62 Chevy
11. Louder
12. So Good To Me
13. Quiet Moments

Keb' Mo' - Good to Be... Colored Vinyl 2LP

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