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Maren Morris - Humble Quest Vinyl LP

Maren Morris Humble Quest Vinyl LP


Maren Morris delivers her third album, Humble Quest which was produced by Greg Kurstin and includes the autobiographical single, "Circles Around This Town," a tribute to her late friend and producer, Busbee.


The introspective 11-track collection finds Morris returning to her country roots and features no collaborations. "It turns out, this pandemic did humble me," Morris shared.


"Shooting my mouth off one time too many humbled me, the death of a beloved friend and producer humbled me, motherhood and marriage humbled me, ‘Humble' began to feel more like a grounded state of understanding oneself; not so much by being relatable to or understood by all. What I also discovered is that the songs I was managing to compose during this time were the most authentic and light lyrics that have ever flowed from my pen.


They weren't fitting with the times, they were distracting and eventually saving me from the times. So, here are the stories of my rises, my overshares, my appreciation of Midwestern guys who stand at least a foot taller than me, my lullabies, my wine-soaked conversations with a dear friend and my final goodbye to one."


Maren Morris Humble Quest Track Listing:


1. Circles Around This Town
2. The Furthest Thing
3. I Can't Love You Anymore
4. Humble Quest
5. Background Music
6. Nervous
7. Tall Guys
8. Detour
9. Hummingbird
10. Good Friends
11. What Would This World Do?

Maren Morris - Humble Quest Vinyl LP

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