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Marina And The Diamonds - Froot Vinyl LP + CD

Marina And The Diamonds Froot Vinyl LP + CD


With Froot, Marina And The Diamonds' first new noise since the death of alter-ego Electra Heart in 2013, Marina Diamandis has made a grand statement of intent. It's a cathartic rebirth in nearly every way, and sees her veer away from the last LP's stylistic and thematic intentions, instead returning to basics for a new chapter in her career and life.


Electra Heart saw Diamandis enter the Top 40 across Europe and chart impressively worldwide – perhaps most notably, scoring herself a nice entry in the Billboard 200 in the US and also taking the coveted top spot in the UK. 

But pretending to be an entirely different person for a lengthy period of time took its toll – creatively, Diamandis had no desire to replicate that.


“As soon as I'd finished the record and “Primadonna” came out, I already knew what I wanted to do with my third record. I knew it was going to be completely different,” she says. “I was really grateful for the experiences and opportunities that Electra Heart gave me, but I will never do it again. It was very early on that I understood that.” 


The follow-up, then, was destined to be different. Ironically, that's something that we can always expect from Marina: the unexpected. Froot is the result of a drastic twist in her outlook, and a passion for taking charge. Striding back with confidence, Diamandis spouts disco grooves, dreamy vocal hooks and an effervescent sass not seen since she was last on the scene. Crucially, the thematic content is a far cry from that of The Family Jewels or Electra Heart. She stresses that 'happiness' is not the right word, but rather a contented state of existence. 


Along with this rebooted mind-set, Diamandis' Froot was galvanized by a passion to retake the reins. While Electra Heart's cavalcade of producers taught her the pop gamut, it was never something she wanted to do forever. “In the past because I was new and I was someone who really needed praise, I very much listened to other people, perhaps when I shouldn't have. So because of that, on Froot, I wanted to write the entire record alone.


I think one of the biggest challenges was saying what I wanted to do for once. Whoever you are as an artist, you have to know who you are so that you can do what you want to do... so that no one's going to tell you what your identity is.” 


From the existential tribulations of “Immortal,” harking back to her days as lithe ivory-tinkling balladeer, to the relentless funk of “Better Than That” (surely a future hit), to the wit and juxtaposition of “Happy” to the '70s-flecked “I'm A Ruin,” this is all Marina And The Diamonds. While she's still stridently marching forth, an eternally metamorphosing artist of almost supernatural ability, she nods to her DIY beginnings and the fragile, tender emotion of first album tracks like “Obsessions” or the big-picture anxiety of “Are You Satisfied?” 


Marina And The Diamonds Froot Track Listing:


1.  Happy
2.  Froot
3.  I'm A Ruin
4.  Blue
5.  Forget
6.  Gold
7.  Can't Pin Me Down
8.  Solitaire
9.  Better Than That
10. Weeds
11. Savages
12. Immortal     

Marina And The Diamonds - Froot Vinyl LP + CD

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