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Melvins - (A) Senile Animal Colored Vinyl 2LP

Melvins (A) Senile Animal Colored Vinyl 2LP


Reissue of 2006 release, which has been out of print on vinyl for over a decade. Recorded with Big Business after the departure of bassist Kevin Rutmanis.


Unlike some bands that have two drummers but do not sound that remarkably different than if they had a single one, the 'new look' Melvins puts the extra pair of sticks to good use, as evidenced by the drum march breakdown of the album opening 'The Talking Horse,' the onslaught of 'You've Never Been Right,' and 'Civilized Worm,' which ends in an absolute landslide of percussion.


Although they started out primarily as a punk band that slowed down the riffs, the Melvins have also always mixed in prog rock-like bits, such as the tricky rhythms of 'Blood Witch' and the King Crimson/Tool-ish 'The Hawk.'


The album also contains some of the group's most straightforward compositions in some time, including the metallic/new wave-ish ditty 'A History of Drunks.' The transfusion of new blood has made one of rock's gnarliest beats even - gnarlier!
-Greg Prato,


Melvins (A) Senile Animal Track Listing:




1. The Talking Horse
2. Blood Witch
3. Civilized Worm
4. A History Of Drunks
5. Rat Faced Granny
6. The Hawk




1. You've Never Been Right
2. A History Of Bad Men
3. The Mechanical Bride
4. A Vast Filthy Prison

Melvins - (A) Senile Animal Colored Vinyl 2LP

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