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Mobile Fidelity - Plus Enzyme Cleaner (32oz)

Mobile Fidelity Plus Enzyme Cleaner (32oz)


Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab PLUS Enzyme Cleaner Removes Organic Materials Embedded in Your Vinyl: Eradictates More Contaminants, Including Oils, Sweat, Smoke, and Mold


Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab PLUS Enzyme Cleaner uses enzymes to more completely clean records than any other fluid available. After using PLUS, you'll hear a drastically lower noise floor, increased dynamic range, richer tonal balance, and non-distorted peaks. PLUS reveals more of the information that's been hiding in the grooves.


How? Most sound-degrading contaminants found on records are organic in nature. Oils and sweat from hands, skin, hair, as well as other minuscule particles of dust, are attracted by electrostatic charges on the vinyl and can become deeply embedded in the vinyl.


The best way to remove these nasties is with an enzyme specifically designed for this purpose. By coating the playing surface with PLUS Enzyme Cleaner and allowing it to sit on the record surface for 3-5 minutes, the enzymes will break the particles down and loosen them from the grooves.


Highly purified, high-surface tension water is used as the base for PLUS. This water will bead up, removing contaminants and holding them in the beads rather than allowing them to settle back into the grooves.


To get the most out of PLUS, we highly recommend using Mobile Fidelity PURE Record Rinse. PURE is ultra-pure water that has gone through four stages of deionization, after which it is triple-distilled and then treated with high-intensity ultraviolet light to kill all bacteria and microbiological particles. This intense and thorough process leaves nothing in PURE to harm your vinyl.

Mobile Fidelity - Plus Enzyme Cleaner (32oz)

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