Moby Reprise - Remixes 180g Vinyl 2LP

Moby Reprise Remixes 180g Vinyl 2LP


Moby's 2022 album, Reprise - Remixes, is available on high-quality 180g black vinyl. The double LP is housed in a gatefold sleeve and includes personal quotes from all the remixers, including Moby. Released by Deutsche Grammophon on the 30th anniversary of Moby's debut album, Reprise - Remixes explores the terrain where electronic and acoustic sounds meet.


Twelve artists - twelve voices: Bambounou, Biscits, Max Cooper, Efdemin, Anfisa Letyago, Mathame, planningtorock, Topic, Felsmann + Tiley, Peter Gregson and Christian Löffler have all contributed to Reprise - Remixes. The album also includes four remixes from Moby himself.


Moby Reprise Remixes Track Listing:




1. Heroes - planningtorock Remix
2. Porcelain - Christian Löffler Remix
3. Go (Moby's Trophy Remix)
4. Porcelain - Bambounou Remix
5. Go - Anfisa Letyago Remix
6. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad - Biscits Remix
7. Natural Blues - Topic Remix
8. Lift Me Up -Mathame Remix




1. We Are All Made of Stars (Moby's Ac@n Remix)
2. Porcelain - Efdemin Remix
3. Porcelain - Efdemin Dub
4. Natural Blues (Moby's West Side Highway Remix)
5. Extreme Ways - Felsmann + Tiley Reinterpretation
6. Natural Blues - Max Cooper Remix
7. The Great Escape (Moby's Observatory Remix)
8. Extreme Ways - Peter Gregson Remix

Moby Reprise - Remixes 180g Vinyl 2LP

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