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Mother Mother - O My ♡ Vinyl LP

Mother Mother O My  ♡


O My Heart (Stylised as "O My ♡") is the second album by Vancouver-based indie rock band Mother Mother, released in 2008. Videos for the songs "O My Heart", "Body of Years", and "Hayloft" were released. In late 2020, "Hayloft", "Arms Tonite", and "Wrecking Ball" went viral on the video-sharing app TikTok.


In October 2006, after playing a set at the Pop Montreal festival, Mother met with Last Gang Records and later signed a four-album contract. At that point, the label encouraged the band to change their name to avoid legal issues, and they renamed themselves Mother Mother. On February 20, 2007, the band re-released its debut album under the new name, renaming the album Touch Up and including two new songs, as well as artwork and overdubs different from the original.


Mother Mother's third album, Eureka, was released on March 15, 2011.The album's lead single, "The Stand", entered the Canada Singles Top 100 chart in May 2011 and peaked during that week at position 76. The album prompted a reviewer at the Toronto Star to describe the band as "evolving into orchestral harmonies and hip hop-influenced power ballads, as if Adam Lambert had joined The Dirty Projectors".


Mother Mother O My ♡ Track Listing:


1.O My Heart
2.Burning Pile
3.Body of Years
4.Try to Change
9.Wrecking Ball
10.Arms Tonite
12.Sleep Awake
13.Heart Heavy

Mother Mother - O My ♡ Vinyl LP

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