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Nas - The Essential Nas Vinyl 2LP

Nas The Essential Nas Vinyl 2LP


2013's The Essential Nas marked the first major compilation to cover the essential recordings of hip-hop's most controversial and uncompromising New York MC. The 19 tracks on the 2LP version focus on Nas's decade at Columbia, from his groundbreaking Illmatic debut in 1994 (with "The World Is Yours" and "It Ain't Hard To Tell"), up through his final album for the label, 2004's astounding double album Street's Disciple ("Bridging the Gap," Thief's Theme," "Just A Moment").


The collection was produced by Noah Uman (who has worked on numerous Legacy projects by Run-D.M.C., Big Pun, the Fugees, and more) and contains a biographical liner notes essay by Gabriel Alvarez!


Nas The Essential Nas Track Listing:




1. Halftime
2. The Message
3. Nas Is Like
4. Get Down
5. I Gave You Power
6. Bridging the Gap
7. Nastradamus
8. Street Dreams
9. One Love




1. Thief's Theme
2. Hate Me Now
3. Oochie Wally (Remix)
4. Got Ur Self A...
5. No Idea's Original
6. The World Is Yours
7. You Owe Me
8. Just A Moment
9. Made You Look
10. It Ain't Hard to Tell

Nas - The Essential Nas Vinyl 2LP

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