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Nirvanav - In Utero: 2013 Mix 180g 45RPM Vinyl 2LP + Download

Nirvana In Utero: 2013 Mix 180g 45RPM Vinyl 2LP + Download


Original Album Producer Steve Albini Remixed & Remastered In Utero at Abbey Road Studios in 2013 for the Album's 20th Anniversary with the Blessing and Oversight of Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic


The 2013 Mix Coaxes Forth Never Before Heard Nuances including Unearthed Alternate Performances On Some Tracks & Finds Incredible New Sonic Dimensions 


Issued on Two 180g 45RPM LPs Cut to Copper Plates Using the Direct to Metal Mastering Process


The 20th anniversary celebration of Nirvana’s third and ultimately final studio album, In Utero, continues with its 2013 Mix, mastered at Abbey Road Studios, issued as a 45 RPM 180 gram vinyl double album - cut to copper plates using the direct to metal mastering process, and housed in stunning alternate artwork exclusive to this release.


The 2013 Mix finds original producer Steve Albini revisiting In Utero with the blessing and oversight of Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. With an approach described as more of an alternate snapshot of the same entity than a typical "remix" or "new mix," the 2013 Mix coaxes forth never before heard nuances - including unearthed alternate performances on some tracks - and finds incredible new sonic dimensions of the unwitting swansong of the single most influential artist of the 1990s.


Upon its original 1993 release, In Utero was easily the most polarizing record of a generation. The most confrontational yet vulnerable material Kurt Cobain, Novoselic and Grohl would ever record, it was also the first record Nirvana would make with any expectations from the public. 


The In Utero 2013 Mix double vinyl edition offers yet another perspective of the final and perhaps finest hour of Nirvana: of the most incredible yet conflicted rock ‘n’ roll band of the era at the peak of its powers surmounting struggles from within and without to make the record they needed to make.


Nirvana In Utero 2013 Mix Track Listing:




1.  Serve the Servants  
2.  Scentless Apprentice  
3.  Heart Shaped Box  
4.  Rape Me  
5.  Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle  
6.  Dumb  




1.  Very Ape  
2.  Milk It  
3.  Pennyroyal Tea  
4.  Radio Friendly Unit Shifter  
5.  Tourette's  
6.  All Apologies  

Nirvanav - In Utero: 2013 Mix 180g 45RPM Vinyl 2LP + Download

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