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Peter Bibby - Grand Champion Vinyl LP

Peter Bibby Grand Champion Vinyl LP


Maverick Australian singer-songwriter-poet Peter Bibby follows-up his 2014 full length debut Butcher/Hairstylist/Beautician with sophomore effort Grand Champion. Full of true-blue charm and storytelling, the first taste of the bastard of a record comes in the form of "Long Baby," an ode to Bibby's ex partner's devotion to sleep and "Work for Arseholes," a song about bad habits, self-reflection and pride.


Peter Bibby Grand Champion Track Listing:


1. Palm Springs
2. Medicine
3. Long Baby
4. Pissbird Flowertruck
5. Big Chook
6. Work For Arseholes
7. Wake Up Hungry
8. Fuck Me
9. Wangaratta Gazza
10. Hippies

Peter Bibby - Grand Champion Vinyl LP

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