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Pinegrove - Amperland, NY Soundtrack Vinyl 2LP

Pinegrove Amperland, NY Soundtrack Vinyl 2LP


Founded by childhood friends Evan Stephens Hall and Zack Levine, Pinegrove have already crafted three fantastic albums - Everything So Far (2015), Cardinal (2016), and Skylight (2018) - and have achieved massive critical acclaim, and a widespread and devoted listenership.


The band's latest album (and first for Rough Trade) Marigold, arrived in January of 2020, and its themes of reflection and resilience have resonated through an especially tumultuous year. Now with tours canceled and time on their hands, the band have decided to put together something special for their fans.


Amperland, NY is yet another full album, this time accompanying a feature film of the same name. The collection features 21 brand new studio recordings spanning Pinegrove's career & catalog, captured up-state in the house where the band lived and recorded for 4 years - a place they lovingly referred to as "Amperland." But all good things (and leases) come to an end, and before they bid adieu to the space permanently, they gathered together for one last performance with friends and family.


Featuring original member and keyboardist/vocalist Nandi Rose (Half Waif) on many tracks - this collection will thrill old and new listeners alike - with the band breathing new life into fan favorites and deep cuts.


From acoustic versions to unique arrangements featuring piano, pedal steel and organ, Amperland, NY touches on notes of folk and progressive rock previously unheard on their studio albums. This will be an essential addition to the Pinegrove catalog and encompasses all of the earnest and ecstatic live energy the band is known for.


Pinegrove Amperland, NY Soundtrack Track Listing:




1. Moment
2. Dotted Line
3. No Drugs
4. The Alarmist
5. Morningtime
6. Sunday
7. Alcove
8. Thanksgiving
9. Peeling Off The Bark
10. On Jet Lag




1. The Metronome
2. Skylight
3. Spiral
4. Overthrown
5. Hairpin
6. Need
7. Endless
8. Amulets / Light On
9. Paterson & Leo
10. Phase
11. Intrepid

Pinegrove - Amperland, NY Soundtrack Vinyl 2LP

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