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Pixies - Pixies Colored Vinyl LP

Pixies Pixies Colored Vinyl LP


"Before the indie rock scene was blown wide open by Nirvana in the early '90s, the Pixies loomed large on college radio. By taking standard pop formats and turning them inside out - the band spelled out the new commandments of alternarock to a new generation of would-be grunge rockers. In March 1987, as the Pixies were just beginning to gain a reputation around the Boston area, they recorded their first demo, known by Pixies fans as The Purple Tape.


This demo landed the Pixies their first record deal with 4AD, and the eight songs that appear on their first album Come On Pilgrim (1987) were culled from this same demo. However, there were nine more songs that didn't make the cut, and these are the songs that are found here.


That original raw 1987 demo comes early versions of 'Here Comes Your Man', 'Down The Well', and 'Build High', as well as the hidden gem 'Rock A My Soul'. Orange color vinyl." - Vinyl Lovers


Pixies Pixies Track Listing:


1. Broken Face
2. Build High
3. Rock A My Soul
4. Down To The Well
5. Break My Body
6. Here Comes Your Man
7. I'm Amazed
8. Subbacultcha
9. In Heaven

Pixies - Pixies Colored Vinyl LP

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