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Pro-Ject - Phono Box MM

Pro-Ject Phono Box MM


Do you have a turntable, but no phono input on your receiver or shelf system? No problem — just hook up the Pro-Ject Phono Box MM preamplifier inline between your record player and any of your receiver's aux inputs, and you're ready to enjoy your LP collection all over again.


The Pro-Ject Phono Box MM Phono Preamp offers exceptional audio quality without a complicated or complex design. Easy to use, this phono preamp connects your turntable to Hi-Fi sound systems without reducing the quality of the audio signal. This lets you listen to your favorite vinyl records exactly as they were meant to be heard.


The turntable preamp features advanced circuitry that minimizes noise and distortion, ensuring the signals stay as clear as possible as they travel to the amplifier. With a metal case and outboard power supply, this record player preamp is designed to block external signal interference, which further minimizes unwanted noise and distortion from compromising the audio signal.


The dual-mono circuitry offers optimal channel separation, and the RIAA equalization balances the signal for enhanced stereo sound. Suitable for use with moving magnet (MM) cartridges


This preamp's clean, simple design takes advantage of high-quality, low-noise circuitry to give you the warm, richly detailed sound that vinyl is famous for, at a bargain price.




compatible with moving magnet phono cartridges
external power supply for reduced noise and interference
metal case shields electronics from vibration and electromagnetic interference
gold-plated input and output RCA jacks for solid, corrosion-free connections
dual-mono circuitry for optimal channel separation
small size allows placement near turntable
input impedance: 47 kohms/120pF
gain: 40dB
signal-to-noise ratio: 88dB
THD: 0.04%
RIAA response accuracy: 0.5dB (20-20,000 Hz)
4-1/4"W x 1-3/16"H x 3-11/16"D
warranty: 2 years

Pro-Ject - Phono Box MM

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