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Rosalia - Motomami Colored Vinyl LP

Rosalia Motomami Colored Vinyl LP


Motomami is the new album from Grammy Award winning recording artist, producer and songwriter Rosalía.


Hailed as one of the most anticipated albums of 2022, Rolling Stone called it "a brave record...Genres are a thing of the past; there's room for everything here...what modern music should be: art and flavor, dembow, champeta, flamenco, bachata, hip-hop, piano melodies...Motomami feels like a freight train from the future, hurtling right at us at full speed and no brakes.


Rosalía is the power source behind it all." "La Fama" (feat. The Weeknd), is a powerful and cautionary song that finds Rosalía and The Weeknd singing to each other in Spanish about how charming and seductive fame can be, making her a dangerous and shallow lover while "Saoko" is a shining example of the spirit of Motomami – grit and grace, strength and vulnerability, fierce femininity, and an unapologetic, brave attitude.


Rosalia Motomami Track Listing:


1. Saoko    
2. Candy        
3. La Fama
4. Bulería    
5. Chicken Teriyaki    
6. Hentai    
7. Bizcochito    
8. Genis    
9. Motomami    
10. Diablo    
11. Delirios de grandeza    
12. Cuuuuuuuute    
13. Como un G    
14. Motomami Alphabet    
15. La combi Versace    
16. Sakura

Rosalia - Motomami Colored Vinyl LP

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