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Rumer - Nashville Tears Vinyl 2LP

Rumer Nashville Tears Vinyl 2LP


Southern American folklore tells of song-catchers: individuals who possess a spiritual, almost supernatural, connection to the music of a culture. They gather important songs and preserve them, providing voices to give them life and ensuring they're remembered. Rumer is such a song-catcher. On Nashville Tears, Rumer immerses herself in the catalog of Hugh Prestwood, a songwriter whose name is spoken with reverence by his colleagues. An album to savor, Nashville Tears collects 15 of Prestwood's finest songs, many never recorded until now, revealing truths of the heart, both intimate and universal, realistic and romantic.


The record is launched with the folk-rich melody "Bristlecone Pine," a tale of becoming immortalized in death by being buried the feet of neglected but steadfast tree as old as history itself. "This is one of my favorite songs from the album," Rumer notes. "I love the atmosphere and the imagery, and the musicians who played on the song brought so much talent and energy to it. I love songs about the natural world and I love that this is a song about a tree"


Rumer Nashville Tears Track Listing:



1. The Fate of Fireflies
2. June It's Gonna Happen
3. Oklahoma Stray
4. Bristlecone Pine (Ft Lost Hollow)
5. Ghost In This House
6. Deep Summer In The Deep South
7. Heart Full Of Rain
8. That's That




1. Hard Times For Lovers
2. Learning How To Love
3. Starcrossed Hanger of the Moon
4. Here You Are
5. The Song Remembers When
6. The Snow White Rows of Arlington
7. Half The Moon

Rumer - Nashville Tears Vinyl 2LP

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