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Samantha Fish - Faster Colored Vinyl LP

Samantha Fish Faster Colored Vinyl LP


On her new album Faster, Samantha Fish joins forces with super producer Martin Kierszenbaum (Lady Gaga, Sting) and imbues even more intensity into her electrifying brand of blues/rock-and-roll.


With Fish accompanied by legendary drummer Josh Freese (Guns N' Roses, Nine Inch Nails, The Replacements) and bassist Diego Navaira (The Last Bandoleros), the result is a singular body of work both irresistibly galvanizing and emotionally raw. Fish on lead single "Twisted Ambition": "It's empowering, it's about confidence, it's about flipping this power structure... and taking charge of your life."


Samantha Fish Faster Track Listing:


1. Faster
2. All Ice No Whiskey
3. Twisted Ambition
4. Hypnotic
5. Forever Together
6. Crowd Control
7. Imaginary War
8. Loud
9. Better Be Lonely
10. So-Called Lover
11. Like A Classic
12. All The Words

Samantha Fish - Faster Colored Vinyl LP

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