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Savatage - Fight for the Rock Colored Vinyl 2LP

Savatage Fight for the Rock Colored Vinyl LP


The Savatage story began in the late 1970s, when a Michael Schenker-worshipping teenage guitarist named Criss Oliva and his older brother, a charismatic vocalist and multi-instrumentalist named Jon, started a band together.


In 1983, after several name and lineup changes, the newly-christened Savatage recorded and mixed their debut album, Sirens and follow-up EP The Dungeons Are Calling in one day at Tampa's Morrisound Studios.


Their impact was primarily felt locally at first, as Morrisound quickly became ground zero of a robust Florida metal scene, but eventually, the records caught the attention of an executive at Atlantic Records in New York City who signed the band for their 1985 second studio effort, Power of the Night and 1986 third LP, Fight for the Rock. The latter includes covers of Badfinger's "Day After Day" and Free's "Wishing Well."


Tempering savage metal attacks with haunting orchestrations and a distinctive melodic sense, the band pushed the artistic envelope of their genre and, in the process, garnered a large world-wide following.


Savatage Fight for the Rock Track Listing:


LP 1
1. Fight For The Rock
2. Out On The streets
3. Crying For Love
4. Day After Day
5. The Edge Of Midnight
6. Hyde
7. Lady In Disguise
8. She’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
9. Wishing Well
10. Red Light Paradise


Bonus 10″


1. Fighting For Love (In The Dream) (Bearsville Studios Demo)
2. Washed Out (Bearsville Studios Demo)
3. Stuck On You Bearsville Studios Demo)

Savatage - Fight for the Rock Colored Vinyl 2LP

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