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Shoji Yokouchi Trio - Greensleeves 180g Vinyl LP

Shoji Yokouchi Trio Greensleeves 180g Vinyl LP


One of the Best-Sounding Titles from Japan's Audiophile-Minded Three Blind Mice Label: Impex 180g LP of Shoji Yokouchi Trio's Greensleeves. Mastered by Chris Bellman and Pressed at RTI


Never before available on LP and a stunning demo disc on this new analog pressing, Shoji Yokouchi's 1978 opus Greensleeves features standards, original tunes, and traditional pieces interpreted in unexpectedly soulful ways. The master guitarist is also given immeasurable support here by organist Yuri Tashiro, whose playing is alternately moody and spry, fiery and funky.


Mastered by Chris Bellman and pressed at RTI, Impex's 180g vinyl reissue preserves the original version's clear, exacting sound while improving surface noise and presentation. This rare gem of Takeshi "Tee" Fujii's repertoire remains one of the best-sounding entrees from the iconic audiophile label Three Blind Mice. Secure your copy before this numbered-edition title goes out of print!


"I cannot understand how [Chris] Bellman got 100% of the dynamics, power, subterranean deep powerful bass, delicate guitar, bass riffs, and drums all on a 33 RPM release without the instruments colliding into one another. I am shocked by the RTI pressing of such utter quiet and explosive punch... harmonics and layered realistic textures lived in the room as the needle found its groove. Imaging is pinpoint stable and precise, and dynamics never overload." 
—Robert H. Levi, Positive Feedback


Shoji Yokouchi Trio Greensleeves Track Listing:


1. Willow Weep For Me
2. Moanin'
3. Misty
4. Up Your Vodka Martini
5. New Orleans Sunday
6. Greensleeves
7. Your Watch Is Ten Minutes Slow

Shoji Yokouchi Trio - Greensleeves 180g Vinyl LP

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