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Snot - Get Some: 20th Anniversary 180g Import Vinyl LP

Snot Get Some: 20th Anniversary 180g Import Vinyl LP

Mixing rough around the edges rock


'n' roll with fun funky hardcore punk-rock, Southern California's Snot released their memorable debut studio effort Get Some in 1997. Produced by T-Ray and featuring the standouts "Snot," "Deadfall," "Joyride" and "The Box," the album received rave reviews from critics and led to tours with iconic acts like Ozzy Osbourne, System Of a Down, Megadeth, Pantera and Tool.


While in the midst of recording their second album tragedy struck and vocalist/frontman Lynn Strait was killed in a car accident. The band finished the album with guests vocalists as a tribute to Strait and a live album was also issued in 2002. The group disbanded but has reformed in 2008 and 2014.


Guitarist Mikey Doling on the Get Some: 20th Anniversary 180g vinyl release: "I am very excited to finally be releasing "Get Some" on vinyl. It's something I have wished to do for a very long time and we finally are! It's very fitting for a 20 year release! I miss Lynn Strait everyday. They say it gets easier with time. I say that's a load of crap. I miss him 18 years later as much as the day of his passing. But, I know for sure he'd be as excited as I am to be releasing a 20 year vinyl release!! I love you brother, this one's for you!"


Snot Get Some Track Listing:


1. Snot
2. Stoopid
3. Joy Ride
4. The Box
5. Snooze Button
6. 313
7. Get Some
8. Deadfall
9. I Jus' Lie
10. Get Some O'Deez
11. Unplugged
12. Tecato
13. Mr. Brett
14. Get Some Keez
15. Balls

Snot - Get Some: 20th Anniversary 180g Import Vinyl LP

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