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SolidSteel - NS-Series Speaker Stands (Pair)

SolidSteel NS-Series Speaker Stands (Pair)


Solidsteel NS Speaker Stands Marry Function and Aesthetics: Elevate Your Bookshelf and Monitor Speakers to the Correct Height, Give Them Great Support and Stability


Solidsteel NS Series speaker stands are as functional as they are beautiful. These Italian-made stands place your speakers at the correct height for serious listening while providing excellent stability and vibration control.


Each NS Series speaker stand's wide base offers tremendous support for bookshelf and monitor loudspeakers, and the reinforced pillars are filled with Strotocell for added resonance control and dampening. In terms of design, NS Series constitutes a meeting between solidity of the materials and experience in functionality.


The union of metal tubes with the plates provides stability to the product and quality performances for the speakers. (Please note: NS Series stands are not user-fillable as they already contain Stratocell.)


Available in four height sizes: Black Only


NS-4: 16.7"
NS-6: 24.6"
NS-7: 28.5"
NS-10: 40.1"



SolidSteel - NS-Series Speaker Stands (Pair)

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