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Songs from Pocahontas - Various Artists Picture Disc Vinyl LP

Songs from Pocahontas Various Artists Picture Disc Vinyl LP


Inspired by a real-life Native American legend, free-spirited Pocahontas must "listen with her heart" to help her choose which path to follow.


Disney's beloved 1995 animated musical romantic drama Pocahontas brought together the musical genius of Academy Award-winning composer Alan Menken and the lyrical magic of renowned Broadway veteran Stephen Schwartz. In their first major collaboration, the songwriting duo created an integrated song score which musicalizes many of the film's most important dramatic and emotional moments while providing a classic theatrical element of entertainment.


The songs featured in the film run the gamut from the buoyant "Just Around the Riverbend," in which Pocahontas expresses her dreams for the future, to the captivating ballad, "Colors of the Wind," which stands out as one of the high points of the film as the beautiful heroine offers her new acquaintance, John Smith, a musical lesson on the Native American philosophy towards life. Other musical moments in the film include: "The Virginia Company," "Steady as a Beating Drum," "Listen with your Heart," "Mine, Mine, Mine" and "Savages."


Celebrate the colors of the wind with this beautiful Pocahontas vinyl picture disc adorned with images of the Powhatan princess!


Songs from Pocahontas Various Artists Track Listing:


1. The Virginia Company
2. The Virginia Company (Reprise)
3. Steady as the Beating Drum
4. Steady as the Beating Drum (Reprise)
5. Around the Riverbend
6. Listen With Your Heart - Pt. 1
7. Mine, Mine, Mine
8. With Your Heart - Pt. 2
9. Colors of the Wind
10. Savages - Pt. 1
11. Savages - Pt. 2
12. Colors Of The Wind - End Title
13. If I Never Knew You

Songs from Pocahontas - Various Artists Picture Disc Vinyl LP

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