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Steampacket - 1965-68 Vinyl LP

Steampacket 1965-68 Vinyl LP


Stockholm-based Steampacket was formed in the autumn of 1965. After three gigs in Sweden in the spring of 1966, the band went on touring in England, discovered that there was already a Steampacket which included Rod Stewart, changed its name to The Longboatmen but called themself Steampacket II back in Sweden.


The band released eight singles but oddly enough never an LP. Their singles are collectibles and "Take Her Any Time" is one of the best freakbeat/garage fuzz tracks of the '60s. Now Steampacket's 1965-68 gems are coming together for the first time on vinyl.


The 15-track collection includes studio recordings, live recordings and previously unreleased material.


Steampacket 1965-68 Track Listing:


1. Let's Go Baby (Where The Action Is)
2. Take Her Any Time
3. Only In Her Home Town
4. Blue Bird
5. Trouble And Tea
6. You Just Gotta Know My Name
7. Baby You've Got It
8. Whiskey Man
9. I Don't Care
10. Midnight Hour
11. Viva L'Amour
12. You Don't Love Me
13. Fruitseller Oldman's Song
14. She's Down
15. Bara Ett Par Dar

Steampacket - 1965-68 Vinyl LP

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