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Steven Wilson - Hand Cannot Erase Vinyl 2LP

Steven Wilson Hand Cannot Erase Vinyl 2LP


Steven Wilson, four-time Grammy nominee, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and founder member of Porcupine Tree, released his critically acclaimed fourth solo album Hand.Cannot.Erase. in 2015. The album was written from a female perspective, and the concept and story are inspired by the case of Joyce Carol Vincent, where a woman living in a large city dies in her apartment and no one misses her for over three years, despite her having family and friends.


"The basic story, or concept of the record – it's about a woman growing up, who goes to live in the city, very isolated, and she disappears one day and no one notices," Wilson explains. "There's more to it than that.


Now, what's really interesting about this story is that your initial reaction when you hear a story like that is, ‘Ah, little old bag lady that no one notices, no one cares about.' She wasn't like that. She was young, she was popular, she was attractive, she had many friends, she had family, but for whatever reason, nobody missed her for three years."


As well as a good reception from fans, Hand.Cannot.Erase. was well supported in the press, with Classic Rock calling it a "A tour de force of experimental music making" and Metal Hammer hailing it as "another masterstroke." This reissue of Hand.Cannot.Erase. presents the album on double vinyl LP with gatefold packaging.


Steven Wilson Hand Cannot Erase Track Listing:




1. First Regret
2. 3 Years Older
3. Hand Cannot Erase
4. Perfect Life
5. Routine




1. Home Invasion
2. Regret #9
3. Transience
4. Ancestral
5. Happy Returns
6. Ascendant Here On...

Steven Wilson - Hand Cannot Erase Vinyl 2LP

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