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Sublime - Greatest Hits Vinyl LP

Sublime Greatest Hits Vinyl LP


Long Beach legends Sublime were a ska punk/alternative-rock trio based around the considerable charisma of frontman Bradley Nowell who died tragically at just 28 on the eve of the release of the band's major label and eponymous debut, a third wave mash up that won critical acclaim and brought focus to their previous work.


Now considered to be key players in contemporary Californian music their legacy hasn't dimmed and in Nowell you'll find one of the true originals. Available for the first time on vinyl, Sublime's Gold-certified 1999 Greatest Hits compilation gathers the band's finest material from Sublime ("What I Got," "Wrong Way," "Santeria," "Doin' Time"), 40 Oz. to Freedom ("40 Oz. to Freedom," "Smoke To Joints," "Date Rape," "Badfish") and Robbin' the Hood ("Saw Red," "Pool Shark") and comes packaged in a matchbook-style jacket.


Sublime Greatest Hits Track Listing:


1. What I Got
2. Wrong Way
3. Santeria
4. 40oz. To Freedom
5. Smoke Two Joints
6. Date Rape
7. Saw Red,
8. Badfish
9. Doin' Time
10. Pool Shark

Sublime - Greatest Hits Vinyl LP

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