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The Go-Go's - Vacation Vinyl LP

The Go-Go's Vacation Vinyl LP


The Go-Go's story truly is a punk version of the American Dream. They came, they saw and they conquered the charts, the airwaves and, with their kicky kitsch appeal, pop culture in general.


Their sparking California pop appealed to an astonishingly wide cross-section of music fans propelled by Carlisle's infectious vocals, with Caffey and Wiedlin's loud, punk rock guitars and sweet backing vocals, all slammed home with Valentine's throbbing bass and Schock's big 60s beat.


They melded the timeless songcraft of The Beatles, a defiant punk attitude, the blitzkrieg bombast of The Ramones, the deceptively dangerous allure of Blondie, the distinct personalities of The Monkees, 60s garage-band grit, good-girl wall-of-sound schmaltz, and a touch of 70s glam, all while creating a canon of work that deftly defined the spirited 80s sound.


The Go-Go's breakout double-platinum 1981 debut Beauty And The Beat reached No. 1 and was followed in quick succession by 1982's Vacation and its hit title cut which has lived on in countless compilations, movie soundtracks and even a string of very successful television commercials. After decades of being out of print, the I.R.S. Records staple is finally back on vinyl once again!


The Go-Go's Vacation Track Listing:


1. Vacation
2. This Old Feeling
3. He's So Strange
4. Girl Of 100 Lists
5. It's Everything But Party Time
6. Get Up And Go
7. Beatnik Beach
8. I Think It's Me
9. The Way You Dance
10. We Don't Get Along
11. Worlds Away
12. Cool Jerk

The Go-Go's - Vacation Vinyl LP

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