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The Kills - Keep On Your Mean Side Vinyl LP

The Kills Keep On Your Mean Side Vinyl LP


The release in 2003 of Keep On Your Mean Side, the stunning debut album by Florida/London duo The Kills, heralded the arrival of a creative force that has developed over the last five years into an innovative, boundary pushing rock group.


KOYMS was recorded at London’s legendary analogue studio Toe Rag after a 50 date U.S. tour upon which the band drove themselves around in a convertible to hone the songs they’d begun writing via exchanged cassette demos, mailed across the ocean.


The album was immediately critically lauded internationally, and has become a touchstone album for a new generation of blues and garage inspired bands, an album that still sounds as vital, fresh and breathtaking as it did upon release.


This Domino reissue includes 5 rare bonus b-sides bringing all the Keep On Your Mean Side sessions together for the first time, including covers of Dock Boggs’ “Sugar Baby,” Jonathan Fire*Eater’s “The Search For Cherry Red” and Captain Beefheart’s “Dropout Boogie” (also a favorite from the band’s wild, intense live show).


The Kills Keep On Your Mean Side Track Listing


1. Superstition
2. Cat Claw
3. Pull A U
4. Kissy Kissy
5. Fried My Little Brains
6. Hand
7. Hitched
8. Black Rooster
9. Wait
10. Fuck The People
11. Monkey23
12. Gypsy Death & You
Bonus Tracks
13. Gum (Black Rooster EP)
14. Jewel Thief (Fried My Little Brains EP)
15. Sugar baby (Fried My Little Brains EP)
16. The Search for Cherry Red (‘Pull A U’ single b-side)
17. Dropout Boogie (Black Rooster EP)

The Kills - Keep On Your Mean Side Vinyl LP

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