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The Lumineers - Brightside Vinyl LP

The Lumineers Brightside Vinyl LP


Multi-platinum selling Grammy-nominated band The Lumineers are back with their fourth record, Brightside. Coming off the success of their darkly cinematic third record III, co-founders/co-songwriters Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites' latest work features alongside their ever-more-sophisticated songwriting and arranging, with production from longtime producer and friend Simone Felice.


Brightside marks The Lumineers' first new music in more than two years as well as the band's most joyous and spontaneous piece of work thus far.


The nine-song collection sees Schultz and Fraites performing virtually all of the eclectic, effervescent instrumentation while still featuring the foot-stomping, arena-filling sound the band has become beloved for worldwide.


There is something timeless about The Lumineers that links their songs to 18th century pastorals, 19th century work songs, 20th century folk narratives and 21st century post-modern cinematic soundscapes. It sounds familiar, but take the time to dig below the surface. Listen carefully and layers of meaning reveal themselves.


Success hasn't spoiled The Lumineers; rather, it's inspired them to follow their muses even further. "We continue to make the kind of records we want to," says Wesley. "We believe in this music. It's a true labor of love."


The Lumineers Brightside Track Listing:


1. Brightside
2. A.M. Radio
3. Where We Are
4. Birthday
5. Big Shot
6. Never Really Mine
7. Rollercoaster
8. Remington
9. Reprise

The Lumineers - Brightside Vinyl LP

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