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The Plot In You - Swan Song Colored Vinyl LP (Indie)

The Plot In You Swan Song Colored Vinyl LP (Indie)


Sonically and spiritually, The Plot In You continue to move forward on their fifth full-length album and second for Fearless Records, Swan Song. The Ohio quartet stare down years of negativity, soured friendships, disappointment, and mistakes and flush it all away in the wake of hammering distortion, towering melodies, cinematic production, and unapologetically cathartic lyrics.


Introducing Swan Song, the first single "Face Me" pairs clean vocals with stark icy production punctuated by a glitchy beat. It spirals into a soaring hook uplifted by a sinewy guitar riff. Warped distortion howls as warbling vocal transmissions echo through "Paradigm."


A stomping groove rushes right into another chantable chorus "about how fans of entertainment look up to creators like gods, but it's a very toxic thing since the people you idolize don't care about you."


Then, there's "Fall Again." It cuts ties with a searing scream, "If you fall again, then you're on your own." "Too Heavy" leans into melodic delivery backed by airy electronics as he details "holding on to a relationship that's falling apart for dear life." Meanwhile, "Too Far Gone" culminates on another resounding refrain evocative of the band's range.


The Plot In You Swan Song Track Listing:


1. Letters To A Dead Friend
2. Fall Again
3. Face Me
4. Too Far Gone
5. Paradigm
6. Both To Blame
7. Too Heavy
8. Enemy
9. Whole Without Me
10. Freed

The Plot In You - Swan Song Colored Vinyl LP (Indie)

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