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The SteelDrivers (Chris Stapleton) - Reckless Vinyl LP

The SteelDrivers (Chris Stapleton) Reckless Vinyl LP


Available for the first time on vinyl, the SteelDrivers' Grammy-nominated sophomore record, Reckless, picks up where their eponymous 2008 debut left off. Originally released in 2010, it's the Nashville group's last album with singer/songwriter Chris Stapleton at the helm, who left the band later that same year to pursue his solo career.


Reckless contains a riveting batch of songs by the ace songwriting team of Stapleton and Mike Henderson – songs where bad things keep happening to good people. Moonshiners, runaway slaves, and ghosts of Mississippi are just some of the characters you will encounter on this steel-driven journey from the Blue Ridge to the Delta.


The SteelDrivers (Chris Stapleton) Reckless Track Listing:


1. The Reckless Side Of Me
2. Good Corn Liquor
3. Where Rainbows Never Die
4. The Price
5. Can You Run,
6. Peacemaker
7. You Put The Hurt On Me
8. Midnight On The Mountain
9. Guitars, Whiskey, Guns and Knives,
10. Angel Of The Night
11. Higher Than The Wall
12. Ghosts Of Mississippi

The SteelDrivers (Chris Stapleton) - Reckless Vinyl LP

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