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The The - The Comeback Special: Live Colored Vinyl 3LP

The The The Comeback Special: Live Colored Vinyl 3LP


The The is, and always has been, Matt Johnson. Founded in 1979, the band has been a guarantor for unique, prescient, fevered songs that resonate with basic truths about the human condition and seem to exist beyond the perishable dictates of fashion and style.


Getting worldwide attention with the most critically acclaimed album of the year, 1983's synth-noir classic Soul Mining, The The finally made their global breakthrough in 1986 with their album Infected, which featured two of the band's groundbreaking political singles "Sweet Bird Of Truth" and "Heartland."


Matt Johnson continues to deliver music that speaks to a patiently waiting audience, music of today and the future, and after focusing on solo projects for more than 20 years now finally makes the big step back into the limelight with The The.


After 20 years of absence The The celebrated their comeback with a glorious U.K. and U.S. Tour in 2018, topped by a sold-out performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London, the so called "Comeback Special." What started as an unforgettable live experience now turns into something even bigger as The The announce their new live album and make the whole comeback experience available to fans worldwide.


The The The Comeback Special: Live Track Listing:




1. Global Eyes
2. Sweet Bird Of Truth
3. Flesh & Bones
4. Heartland
5. The Beat(en) Generation
6. Armageddon Days (are here again)
7. A Long Hard Lazy Apprenticeship
8. We Can't Stop What's Coming
9. Phantom Walls




1. Love Is Stronger Than Death
2. Dogs Of Lust
3. Helpline Operator
4. This Is The Night
5. This Is The Day
6. Soul Catcher
7. Bugle Boy
8. Beyond Love
9. Slow Emotion Replay




1. (Like a) Sun Rising Thru My Garden
2. Infected
3. I've Been Waiting For Tomorrow (all of my life)
4. True Happiness (this way lies)
5. Uncertain Smile
6. Lonely Planet

The The - The Comeback Special: Live Colored Vinyl 3LP

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