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The Weeknd - Kiss Land Colored Vinyl 2LP

The Weeknd Kiss Land Colored Vinyl 2LP


Kiss Land (2013) followed up The Weeknd's unanimously celebrated double-platinum selling 2012 debut, Trilogy. Tapping into that same signature mystique, this second effort is an elegant pastiche of love, longing, and lust set to a futuristic soundtrack of shimmering keys, disruptive synths, and airy atmospherics.


The album produced six singles including "Kiss Land," "Belong to the World," "Love in the Sky," "Live For," "Pretty" and "Wanderlust." It's dark. It's dangerous. It's decidedly sexy. It's The Weeknd. Colored vinyl pressing with deluxe packaging.


The Weeknd Kiss Land Track Listing:


1. Professional
2. The Town
3. Adaptation
4. Love In The Sky
5. Belong To The World
6. Live For
7. Wanderlust
8. Kiss Land
9. Pretty
10. Tears In The Rain

The Weeknd - Kiss Land Colored Vinyl 2LP

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