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Thrice - Horizons / East Colored Vinyl LP

Thrice Horizons / East Colored Vinyl LP


Opaque Yellow Colored Vinyl LP


Dynamic and explorative California-based rock band Thrice return on Epitaph Records with their eleventh studio album, Horizons/East. The release exemplifies art as a work of recognition – the human task of perceiving oneself amid details, disasters, and blessings as a relentlessly relational phenomenon, among others.


In this, Horizons/East is the rare rock album on which interrelatedness is a theme, painting an adventurous and lush landscape mixed by Scott Evans, that the band self-produced and recorded at their own New Grass Studio. To emerge from a global pandemic with a renewed sense of situational awareness, hard won insight, and a new album is the kind of move we've come to expect from Thrice over the last twenty years. With Horizons/East, Dustin Kensrue and his bandmates address, with candor and courage, the fragile and awkward arrangements that pass for civilization, while inviting us to dwell more knowingly within our own lives.


Without surrendering any of the energy and hard edge of their previous albums, they've given us a profoundly meditative work, which serves as a musical summons to everyday attentiveness.


Thrice Horizons / East Track Listing:


1. The Color of the Sky
2. Scavengers
3. Buried in the Sun
4. Northern Lights
5. Summer Set Fire to the Rain
6. Still Life
7. The Dreamer
8. Robot Soft Exorcism
9. Dandelion Wine
10. Unitive/East

Thrice - Horizons / East Colored Vinyl LP

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