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Track Audio - Speaker Spikes (Set of 8)

Track Audio Speaker Spikes (Set of 8)


Gorgeously machined and a huge sonic upgrade, Track Audio has created an entirely new product category for us: speaker spikes. An off-shoot of a British machining company with clients in the military, aerospace, medical and automotive industries, Track Audio creates astonishingly high-quality products designed to last a lifetime and sound great doing it.


“The beautiful jewellery-like quality of these spikes is what will appeal to many. They’re little pieces of perfection. Quite possibly the best quality I have ever seen.”
David Price, HI-FI World


Made from high-grade steel and machined to exacting tolerances, comparing Track Audio Speaker Spikes to standard speaker spikes is like comparing a Ferrari to a banana. One is rock solid and a pleasure to use, the other goes squishy when you put weight on it.


Track Audio Speaker Spikes hold several hundred pounds each and are very sharp. To protect hardwood floors & other softer surfaces, we highly recommend using Track Audio's own Isolation Cups, which provide excellent support and a huge sonic upgrade as well.


Each Track Audio spike is 1.625" long in total and has a generous 0.75" thread length.


Overall the Track Audio Spikes remove an entire layer of grunge. The feeling of compression in the midrange of the speaker is removed entirely. The noise floor of the speaker and Vienna which is amongst the very quietest increases.

Track Audio - Speaker Spikes (Set of 8)

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