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Vangelis - Juno to Jupiter Vinyl 2LP

Vangelis Juno to Jupiter Vinyl 2LP


Decca Records presents Vangelis' new album Juno to Jupiter on vinyl 2LP! The work, inspired by NASA's ground-breaking mission by the Juno space probe and its ongoing exploration of Jupiter, is a multi-dimensional musical journey featuring the voice of opera superstar Angela Gheorghiu.


The album includes sounds from the Juno launch event on earth, from the probe and its surroundings and Juno's subsequent journey that have been sent back to earth from the probe, which continues to study Jupiter and its moons: 365 million miles away.


Vangelis Juno to Jupiter Track Listing:




1. Atlas' Push
2. Spoken Word Samples Courtesy of NASA
3. Inside Our Perspectives
4. Out In Space
5. Juno's Quiet Determination
6. 7. Jupiter's Intuition
7. Juno's Power
8. Space's Mystery Road
9. In the Magic of Cosmos
10. Juno's Tender Call
11. Angela Gheorghiu, soprano, as Juno
12. Juno's Echoes
13. Juno's Ethereal Breeze




1. Jupiter's Veil of Clouds
2. Hera/Juno Queen of the Goods
3. Angela Gheorghiu, soprano, as Juno
4. Zeus Almighty
5. Jupiter Rex
6. Juno's Accomplishments
7. Angela Gheorghiu, Soprano, as Juno
8. Apo 22
9. Cosmos Autopator

Vangelis - Juno to Jupiter Vinyl 2LP

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