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Widespread Panic - Carbondale 2000 Vinyl 5LP Box Set

Widespread Panic Carbondale 2000 Vinyl 5LP Box Set


December 2000 Show in Carbondale, IL Available on Vinyl for the First Time as 6LP Box Set!


Carbondale 2000, Widespread Panic's first ever vault release, was recorded live at Southern Illinois University Arena on December 1, 2000 and it's a hot one! This very special multi-track recording features all of the original band members including late guitarist Michael Houser.


Features classic line-up era cuts like "Ain't Life Grand," "One Arm Steve," "Airplane," "Chilly Water" and "Papa's Home," plus signature covers of Robert Johnson's "Stop Breaking Down," Neil Young's "Walk On," Traffic's "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys," Funkadelic's "Maggot Brain" and Michael Stanley's "Let's Get the Show on the Road." Available on vinyl for the first time as a 6LP box set.


Widespread Panic Carbondale 2000 Track Listing:




1. Let's Get Down To Business
2. Tall Boy
3. Rock
4. Jack
5. Stop Breaking Down
6. Party At Your Mama's House




1. Impossible
2. Genesis
3. Give
4. One Arm Steve
5. Walk On




1. Thought Sausage
2. Airplane
3. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys




1. Drums
2. Drums And Bass
3. Maggot Brain
4. Chilly Water
5. Papa's Home




1. Ain't Life Grand
2. Let's Get The Show On The Road
3. Climb To Safety

Widespread Panic - Carbondale 2000 Vinyl 5LP Box Set

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