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Widespread Panic - Space Wrangler Colored Vinyl 2LP

Widespread Panic Space Wrangler Colored Vinyl 2LP


Early on Widespread Panic began to forge a sound unto themselves, a combination of Michael Houser's unorthodox guitar playing, John Bell's coarse growl, Todd Nance's rock-steady drumming, David Schools' lead bass playing and Sunny Ortiz's multi-textured percussion, coupled with a collective commitment to playing original songs from the outset and a willingness to walk the improvisational high wire night after night.


Landslide Records came calling and Space Wrangler, the group's promising John Keane-produced debut, was issued in September 1988, the first copies of which were hand-delivered to the band by Col. Bruce Hampton, an area shaman, bandleader and early mentor.


Looking at touchstones like the Grateful Dead and Mark Knopfler through much more of a Southern rock lens, Space Wrangler is home to such long standing concert staples as J.J. Cale's "Travelin' Light," "Space Wrangler," "Coconut," "Porch Song," and "Driving Song."


Widespread Panic Space Wrangler Track Listing:


1. Chilly Water
2. Travelin' Light
3. Space Wrangler
4. Coconut
5. The Take Out
6. Porch Song
7. Stop-Go
8. Driving Song
9. Gomero Blanco
10. Holden Oversoul
11. Contentment Blues
12. Me And The Devil Blues/Heaven

Widespread Panic - Space Wrangler Colored Vinyl 2LP

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