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Widespread Panic - Widespread Panic Colored Vinyl 2LP

Widespread Panic Widespread Panic Colored Vinyl 2LP


Early on Widespread Panic began to forge a sound unto themselves, a combination of Michael Houser's unorthodox guitar playing, John Bell's coarse growl, Todd Nance's rock-steady drumming, David Schools' lead bass playing and Sunny Ortiz's multi-textured percussion, coupled with a collective commitment to playing original songs from the outset and a willingness to walk the improvisational high wire night after night.


Former Dixie Dreg T Lavitz manned the keyboards for the band's self-titled sophomore set issued on Capricorn Records in July 1991. Aka Mom's Kitchen, the 13-song set was produced by Johnny Sandlin and finds the band distancing themselves from their influences and carving out their own unique good time sound and warm hearted identity with definitive originals like "Walkin' (For Your Love)," "Pigeons," "Love Tractor" and "Barstools And Dreamers."


Widespread Panic Widespread Panic Track Listing:




1. Send Your Mind
2. Walkin' (For Your Love)
3. Pigeons
4. Mercy
5. Rock
6. Makes Sense To Me
7. C. Brown
8. Love Tractor




1. Weight Of The World
2. I'm Not Alone
3. Barstools And Dreamers
4. Proving Ground
5. The Last Straw

Widespread Panic - Widespread Panic Colored Vinyl 2LP

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