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Wolves In The Throne Room - Celestial Lineage Vinyl 2LP

Wolves In The Throne Room Celestial Lineage Vinyl 2LP


Coinciding with Southern Lord's 20th anniversary in 2018, the label announces the reissues of all three of their acclaimed albums from Wolves In The Throne Room; Two Hunters, Black Cascade, and Celestial Lineage. About the reissues the band remarks, "We are thrilled that Two Hunters, Black Cascade, and Celestial Lineage are back in print.


These records document a fertile and magical time in our lives and we are so pleased that a new generation of fans will be able to enjoy these records on vinyl."


Since 2006, over the course of six studio albums and hundreds of live performances Wolves in the Throne Room have refracted the transcendent and mythic aspects of Black Metal through their own idiosyncratic Cascadian prism. The resulting essence is music that is intimately linked to the wild lands of the Pacific Northwest.


Their songs explore the hidden world of magic that one accesses through dreams, visions and music. As the mind altering pulse of the drums merges with seemingly infinite layers of guitar, an ocean-deep psychedelic soundscape coalesces. Time slows down, a portal opens and the blazing metal riffs collapse and shift into a dirge that invokes a misty other-world. In their songs, rain-drenched specters loom at the edge of the wood.


Ancient cedar beings stir beneath their wet moss robes. One glimpses a bronze-domed temple rising among the firs.


Three songs on the album feature Jessika Kenney's liturgical choir and solo voice while the album also includes orations from Aaron Turner (Isis). Celestial Lineage served as the final release to ever be recorded in engineering wizard Randall Dunn's infamous Aleph Studio.


Wolves In The Throne Room Celestial Lineage Track Listing:


1. Thuja Magus Imperium
2. Permanent Changes In Consciousness
3. Subterranean Initiation
4. Rainbow Illness
5. Woodland Cathedral
6. Astral Blood
7. Prayer of Transformation

Wolves In The Throne Room - Celestial Lineage Vinyl 2LP

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