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XTC - Mummer 200g Import Vinyl LP

XTC Mummer 200g Import Vinyl LP


XTC's sixth album, Mummer was a turning point for the band as it marked their first release as a studio-only band; evolving from the brash, post-punk/pop of their first two albums (White Music, Go2) into one of the most highly regarded British bands of the era via a trio of essential albums - Drums and Wires, Black Sea, English Settlement - which showcased the increasing versatility of both band and the twin songwriters, Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding.


But even the comparatively quieter/more considered English Settlement was very much an album of songs written with one ear for the studio and another for how they would work live.


Freed from the constraints of 'the road' this was XTC in widescreen - experimenting with songs, arrangements and the expanded sonic palette that studios can provide when there is no afterthought as to how to reproduce the material in a variety of theatres, university halls and other venues few, if any, of which were built with rock groups in mind.


And, just as the Mummers' plays involve people travelling from place to place in a village enacting tales of the cycle of life (albeit in disguise), XTC travelled the best of the UK's studios recording, mixing and re-mixing their songs cycle to exacting standards.


Released as the follow-up to their most successful UK album to date and with a new record label in America, band and record company hopes were high - three of the album's first four songs were issued as singles - but were to remain unfulfilled. Fans loved it, the press was positive but radio was changing, especially in the UK, and with no touring it failed, as sometimes happens with bands adopting a new approach, to cross over to that wider audience.


XTC Mummer Track Listing:


1. Beating Of Hearts
2. Wonderland
3. Love On A Farmboy's Wages
4. Great Fire
5. Deliver Us From The Elements
6. Human Alchemy
7. Ladybird
8. In Loving Memory Of A Name
9. Me And The Wind
10. Funk Pop A Roll

XTC - Mummer 200g Import Vinyl LP

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