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ABC - Lexicon Of Love II on Import Vinyl LP - direct audio

ABC - Lexicon Of Love II on Import Vinyl LP

Virgin Records

  • $ 3098

ABC Lexicon Of Love II on Import Vinyl LP

Import LP pressing. 2016 release from the British band fronted by Martin Fry, a sequel to their 1982 debut album. The album's sound recalls the band's classic early hits with a modern twist. The lyrics deal with many of the same subjects as on the first album, although they are now sung from the point of view of a man three decades older and wiser. Lexicon Of Love II is an all-new album and does not feature re-recordings of songs from the original album. Includes the single 'Viva Love'. Universal.

Though they are often lumped in with the New Romantic movement that swept Great Britain in the early 1980's, ABC were really a pop entity unto themselves. Though they did share the New Romantics' taste for flashy clothes and synthesizers, ABC were more about combining influences from Iggy Pop and David Bowie to Motown and Northern Soul, and coming up with their own brand of polished post-punk pop.

ABC came together in 1980 in the Northern English industrial city of Sheffield. Martin Fry was a local scenester and part-time musical journalist who published his own fanzine called Modern Drugs. After he interviewed the local post-punk band Vice Versa, the members asked him to join the band as their lead vocalist. Vice Versa, which included guitarist/keyboardist Mark White, saxophonist Stephen Singleton, drummer David Robinson and bassist Mark Lickley, was a left-field post-punk band that leaned heavily on synthesizers, much in the same way as local synthesizer-based bands like Cabaret Voltaire and the Human League. Once Fry was in the band, he retooled the sound of the band to go in a more pure pop direction heavily influenced by the Northern Soul sounds popular in the north of England in the 1970's, and renamed the group ABC. Taking style cues from such British artists as David Bowie and Bryan Ferry, Fry dressed the band as one part upper-class British dandies from the 1920's, and one part soul singers from the 1960's. Their songs leaned heavily on rhyming couplets and tales of heartbreak to a decidedly Motown-influenced backbeat and sound.

ABC Lexicon Of Love II Track Listing:

1. The Flames Of Desire
2. Viva Love
3. Ten Below Zero
4. Confessions Of A Fool
5. Singer Not The Song
6. The Ship Of The Seasick Sailor
7. Kiss Me Goodbye
8. I Believe In Love
9. The Love Inside The Love
10. Brighter Than The Sun
11. Viva Love Reprise

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