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  Acceptance - Colliding By Design Vinyl LP

Acceptance - Colliding By Design Vinyl LP

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Acceptance Colliding By Design Vinyl LP

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It's been just over a decade since Acceptance made an impressive mark on the music scene with their full-length, major label debut effort, Phantoms. The Seattle-based band may have been quiet since their 2006 breakup, with members falling into their own lives across the country, but their fan-base only continued to grow...and grow restless. It was an offer to play the 2015 Skate & Surf festival that became the catalyst for Acceptance's inevitable reunion. With inspiration ignited, the band began writing together again and released a new song, "Take You Away." Not wanting to stop there, they decided to continue exploring their musical bond and began working on a new album, Colliding By Design.

The band recorded the album from late 2015 through the spring of 2016 in Seattle and Nashville, with producer, Aaron Sprinkle (Anberlin, Copeland, MxPx Emery). "Aaron was instrumental in honing in Acceptance's original sound," Christian McAlhaney notes. "Some of the coolest moments and coolest ideas on Phantoms came from him. Aaron helped us, pushed us and expanded our instrumental abilities. He has been doing the same thing on this record."

Acceptance 's new single, "Diagram of a Simple Man," finds that perfect balance between the bands beloved signature sound and their natural evolution as musicians. So with this album comes a new beginning for Acceptance . It's not a reunion, but an actual rebirth, giving Acceptance a second chance to carry on what their music is and can do.

Acceptance Colliding By Design Track Listing:

1. Diagram of a Simple Man
2. Colliding By Design
3. We Can Escape
4. Come Closer
5. Goodbye
6. 73
7. Fire and Rain
8. Sunset
9. Haunted
10. When I Was Cursed
11. Golden

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