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Adna - Run, Lucifer Vinyl LP

Adna - Run, Lucifer Vinyl LP

Despotz Records

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Adna Run, Lucifer Vinyl LP

On her sophomore album Run, Lucifer and follow-up to 2014's Night, young Swedish singer/musician Adna combines acoustic sounds with electronic elements, all propelled by her powerful, yet delicate voice, and the album as a whole has a fervent and grandiose sound. The titles of the nine songs reveal that Adna is inviting us into the most fragile, deep and melancholic corners of her heart. The record was written and recorded in Adna‘s Berlin bedroom and was co-produced by Simon Hagström Rennerstedt (Cassette Music Sweden) and mastered by Henrik Alsér (Svenska Grammofonstudion). Featuring the lead singe "Berlin" (Ry X Cover).

Adna Run, Lucifer Track Listing:

1. Intro/Berlin
2. Living
3. Beautiful Hell
4. Lonesome
5. Silent Shouts
6. Silhouette (Always Yours)
7. Shiver
8. Run, Lucifer
9. Outro/Somewhere