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Adrian Sherwood - Survival And Resistance Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Adrian Sherwood - Survival And Resistance Vinyl 2LP

On U Sound

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Adrian Sherwood Survival And Resistance Vinyl 2LP

Producer, remixer, and undisputed patriarch of the British dub collective/record label On-U Sound, Adrian Sherwood has long been regarded as one of the most innovative and influential artists in contemporary dance and modern reggae music. His talent for creating musical space, suspense, sensations and textures have enabled him to pioneer a distinctive fusion of dub, rock, reggae and dance that challenges tradition not only in roots circles, but also in the pop world at large.

While much of the chat surrounding Sherwood's legend has tended towards the scope and deftness-of-touch of his innovative production and remixing work, his output as a solo artist has always woven strands of haunted polyrhythms, helter-skelter pop sensibilities and post-rave haze into some of the most unique "dub" music ever recorded.

And then there's 2012's Survival & Resistance, a palpable evolution of the sounds introduced on these preceding albums, yet feeling like the perfect addition to a triptych. Dark atmospherics, creeping electronics and an almost orchestral approach to arrangement are married to brilliant melodic sense and analog technique. An exciting and long-overdue transmission of the On-U Sound.

Adrian Sherwood Survival And Resistance Track Listing:


1. Balance
2. Trapped Here
3. U.R.Sound
4. Starship Bahia
5. Effective
6. We Flick The Switch


1. Bossa 2
2. Two Semitones And A River
3. Last Queen Of England
4. Unarmed Heroes
5. Greenleaves

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