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Aero Flynn - Aero Flynn on LP - direct audio

Aero Flynn - Aero Flynn Vinyl LP


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Aero Flynn Aero Flynn Vinyl LP

Josh Scott is revered in the Eau Claire, WI music scene, which has yielded such artists as Bon Iver, Volcano Choir and Field Report. Produced by Scott and Justin Vernon, his self-titled debut under the Aero Flynn moniker features members of Bon Iver, Field Report, S. Carey, Solid Gold, and more. Lead single, “Dk/Pi” has been deemed “extremely promising” by Stereogum and “a blissful return for the enigmatic songwriter” by Consequence of Sound.

"Josh’s new songs coalesced into an incredible album. It is deeply personal and as cold as space on your bare skin. It club-bangs; it psych-jams; it cathedral-shivers. The album sounds like it could have been made by someone from a bleak future age, who grew up on lunar outpost listening to Robert Wyatt and Thom Yorke Earth-tapes. We are huddled around the radio, listening to someone whisper with canned air.

"The record finished, the time came to figure out how to get the world to hear it. The Waiting and the Business are both very real, normal, frustrating stops on the journey of how records get to be heard. But as the road turned, the wind changed again. Josh disappeared. Communication fell apart. Relationships and health suffered. Bridges were badly burned. I hope they can be rebuilt in the antebellum reconstruction. I hope that you hear this record.

"I believe that this record, this long-awaited record, is quite seriously a life-or-death record. Josh had to make it to stay alive. And it must be heard in the context of deferred health, deferred relationships, deferred dreams, deferred healing. As spit in the fucking face of the symptoms of disease, like rot and destruction and apathy and cynicism." - Christopher M. Porterfield

Aero Flynn Aero Flynn Track Listing:

1. Plates2
2. Twist
3. Dk/Pi
4. Crisp
5. Tree
6. Floating
7. Maker
8. Brand New
9. Moonbeams

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