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Alasdair Roberts - Spoils on Vinyl LP - direct audio

Alasdair Roberts - Spoils on Vinyl LP

Drag City Records

  • $ 1798

Alasdair Roberts Spoils on Vinyl LP

As the years pass, Alasdair Roberts just keeps getting older. Not the way you and I do; more like accelerated growth, centuries passing. When the lad starts scoring his tunes for archaic instruments such as psaltery, viol and 19th century guitar, it's serving notice that he's going way back. In a sense, this makes 2009's Spoils his earliest album. Possessed of a spartan grace, Spoils is deceptive like that.

On board are Alasdair's old hands from Appendix Out (Tom Crossley and Gareth Eggie) as well as free percussionist extraordinaire Alex Nielson, noted baroque guitarist Gordon Ferries, Emily MacLaren, Niko-Matti Ahti (of Finnish free-pop duo Kiila), and David McGuinness and Alison McGillivray (both of Scotland's Concerto Caledonia), bringing a loose and lively mixture of drums, bass, piano, flute, glockenspiel, harpsichord, harmonium, viol, synthesizer, dulcimer, psaltery, hurdy gurdy, fiddle, and of course guitars and voices.

It's pretty ballsy to mention spoiling when you're drawing on such old traditions, but Ali's never one to send anything less than fresh to our shores. All the way from his Scottish home, he's delivered a set of tunes adorned with gorgeous melodies that only he could devise.

Alasdair Roberts Spoils Track Listing:

1. The Flyting of Grief & Joy (Eternal Return)
2. You Muses Assist
3. So Bored Was I (Dark Triad)
4. Unyoked Oxen Turn
5. The Book of Doves
6. Ned Ludd's Rant (For A World Rebarbarised)
7. Hazel Forks
8. Under No Enchantment (But My Own)


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