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Alex Anwandter - Latinoamericana Vinyl LP - direct audio

Alex Anwandter - Latinoamericana Vinyl LP

Nacional Records

  • $ 1998

Alex Anwandter Latinoamericana Vinyl LP

"Latinoamericana is a song cycle exploring gender, sexuality and Latinx identity in dark times – where, it has become apparent, the arc of the moral universe does not seem to bend towards justice. This music is perhaps the most mature I've written, but still leaves room for bursts of energy like the lead single, "Locura."

"The album itself subverts the idea of what "Latin-American" music should sound like; namely, reduced by a foreign gaze to "folk" instruments and a "world music" flavor. And though they are there - the charango, the quena, the local references - they have been integrated into a late-70's retro-futuristic notion of Latin-American music, a style that never existed because we were dominated by first-world sponsored dictatorships, unable to develop our identities at that time.

This is also why the album includes a strong element of Brazilian music – a testament to both our oft-forgotten shared history and the very personal fact that my father is Brazilian and the music from that time makes up a huge part of my musical DNA.

"Latinoamericana creates a marriage between the personal-political themes of "Amiga" and "Rebeldes" and runs them through this invented notion of what Latin-American music could sound like. For me it's a very satisfying album because I feel absolutely no one else could have done it, and being authentic and personal is what's most important as an artist. That it is also a queer, feminine, and political album only makes me prouder." - Alex Anwandter

Alex Anwandter Latinoamericana Track Listing:

1. Malinche
2. Locura
3. Latinoamericana
4. Vanidad
5. Um Girassol Da Cor De Seu Cabelo
6. Axis Mundi
7. Canción Del Muro
8. No Te Puedes Escapar
9. Odio A Todo El Mundo
10. Olha Maria
11. Finalmente

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