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Alice In Chains - MTV Unplugged 180g Import Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Alice In Chains - MTV Unplugged 180g Import Vinyl 2LP

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Alice In Chains MTV Unplugged 180g Import Vinyl 2LP

Alice in Chains' heavy metal acoustical style overlays an undercurrent of dark and nihilistic themes, a fascination with death and drugs which nonetheless, after their debut with Facelift in 1990, lifted them to platinum status in 1992 with their second album and standing masterpiece, Dirt.

Alice joined the 1993 Lollapolooza Tour, and released Jar of Flies in 1994. The subsequent years, studio sequestered, brought about a third album in 1995's Alice in Chains, which featured the textural wizardry of Cantrell, though maintained the same lyrical themes of despair. In 1996 Alice finally appeared publicly performing for, and cutting as an album, an episode of MTV Unplugged.

The band performed songs from Dirt and Alice In Chains as well as their critically acclaimed acoustic-based EP's Sap and Jar Of Flies, creating new and exciting arrangements for their heavier songs while reinventing others. The performance also marked the debut of new song "Killer Is Me." MTV Unplugged is a fantastic document of the duality of the Alice In Chains sound made even more special by the fact that its the band's final performance with the talented and tortured Layne Staley.

Alice In Chains MTV Unplugged Track Listing:


1. Nutshell
2. Brother
3. No Excuses
4. Sludge Factory
5. Down In A Hole
6. Angry Chair
7. Rooster


1. Got Me Wrong
2. Heaven Beside You
3. Would?
4. Frogs
5. Over Now
6. Killer Is Me

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