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Alice Merton - No Roots 12" Vinyl EP - direct audio

Alice Merton - No Roots 12" Vinyl EP

Mom and Pop Records

  • $ 1598

Alice Merton No Roots 12" Vinyl EP

English/Canadian singer and songwriter Alice Merton and her entrancing melodies have been rapidly picking up an abundance of well deserved buzz in the music scene, following her breakout single "No Roots." Creating a very analog and organic pop sound, going back to the basics of drum and bass driven music, she and Berlin-based producer Nicolas Rebscher combine their individual styles to develop a style all their own.

Rebscher's arrangements are the perfect addition to Alice's melodies, combining the depth and softness in her voice, with his energetic and charismatic sounds. Anchored by the title track and new song "Lash Out," the No Roots EP serves as her official coming out party.

Alice Merton No Roots Track Listing:

1. No Roots
2. Lash Out
3. Jealousy
4. Hit The Ground Running
5. Lie To Me

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